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Featured Event Articles

Valerie Stuart
From Funk to Freedom in Minutes
Valerie Stuart, May 11, 2017 | Global
Growing up with emotionally disturbed parents often found me in deep despair. One night when I was 9 years old, I found myself sobbing as I prayed fervently to God to help me find a way to help more > 
Shanti Medina
4 Tips to Energize with E.A.S.E
Shanti Medina, Mar 6, 2012 | Global
1) Embody in-body awareness
Embodying in-body awareness is all about tapping into and truly realizing the sensations in your body. Stalking out and diving into embodying these sensations will more > 
Sophie Rose
On Spiritual Practice
Sophie Rose, Nov 8, 2011 | Global
In this age of technology and materialism, when many wonder what tomorrow will bring, the resurgence of spirituality is a normal phenomenon. For centuries, people have turned to religions or other more > 
Heidi Larner
An Astrological View of the Times: Jupiter in Taurus
Heidi Larner, Sep 16, 2011 | Global
The planet Jupiter entered the sign of Taurus on the 4th of June 2011, and will move through the sign of Taurus until the 11th of June 2012. Jupiter takes twelve years to travel around the whole more >